Top Craps Tips

Once you have mastered how to place this exciting dice game, you will be able to implement the following craps tips into your casino online malaysia game plan and hopefully boost your bankroll.

Tip 1

If you can, try to suss out a table before you place a wager. The idea is to try and pick up the flow of the game before spending your own cash. This rule should be applied when you are playing craps at both online casinos and land-based casinos.

Tip 2

Find a winning formula and stay with it. After you have settled on a particular betting system that seems to be working, don’t change it. This could have a damaging effect on your winning streak.

Tip 3

Place sensible wagers to give you more time at the table. Instead of losing your funds straight away, you can prolong your time at the tables by simply sticking to safe bets such as betting on the Come/Don’t Come bets and Pass/Don’t Pass bets.

Tip 4

Select bets that have high odds in order to win large amounts instantly. Obviously, not every turn will be a winner, but if you want to experience big wins simply place your money on the high-odds bets.

Tip 5

Adjust your bets accordingly – The idea is to profit when you are going through a lucky streak and then as soon as your luck turns against you and you start going through a losing streak, minimize your bets until you feel as though you are about to hit a winning streak again.

The best advice would be to learn the game inside out and then whatever plan you are going with, sick to it. If you don’t want to lose your bankroll within five minutes of launching a table, you must try not to get distracted from your system, especially if it is working for you.

The table may look a bit cluttered when you take a look at it for the first time and it can seem quite intimidating to some players, but this is why playing free credit casino online malaysia (in the free play mode) is one of the best things you can do before you start spending your own cash on the tables.

Most software providers today have this game available in the free play mode (with fun chips) and where possible, new players should take advantage of this free play mode. There are various craps tips and tricks that different players swear by. Each player should consider as many different craps tips as possible and use the ones that work the most for them.

You may even find a winning system of your own that and you will eventually be able to offer your tips for playing craps to other new players who are looking for some guidance.

How to Play Online Craps

Craps is another popular casino game that players can now find at the most reputable online casinos. This is a dice game that requires you to bet on the outcome of two dice after they have been rolled. How to play Craps online is usually explained in detail once you have launched the game at your favorite casino.

Craps Basics

Players should make sure that the casino they are registered with is a trusted kelab711 gambling portal. This will mean that the software you are using is random with realistic outcomes every time.

If your balance is running low, the advice remains to keep your betting on the Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets.

Like most other casino games, you will not win every time, so expect occasional losses with certain rolls of the dice. Once you learn how to play craps, you will see what all the excitement is about that usually surrounds a craps table.

Online craps players will tell you that they experience winning and losing streaks. As soon as you feel as though you are on a losing streak, reduce the amount that you are betting until the streak turns hot and you start winning, then start betting big again.

If you are experiencing a winning streak, aim your attention towards high-odds betting and unless you have taken your winnings down at least one time, players shouldn’t ‘Don’t Press’ their place bets. You can learn a great deal from other players, both winners, and losers. If you can, try and take notice of what the winners are doing right and try to adopt their strategy.

Types of Bets in Craps

The following information contains the different types of Craps bets there are.


Players are rewarded with odds of 4:1 for this one-roll bet.


This bet is also classed as a one-roll wager. The odds are actually 17:1 but the house will pay 14:1. This is not a particularly good bet.

Place Bets

4’s and 10’s pay 9:5. 5’s and 9’s pay 7:5, and 6’s and 8’s pay 7:6

Buy Bets

Only 4 and 10 are worth placing a buy bet on as they bring the house edge down to 4.76%

Pass Line

This is classed as one of the safer bets and possibly the best bet on the board paying even money.

Don’t Pass

This has marginally better odds than pass-line betting odds.

Other bets to look out for include the Come bets and Don’t Come bets, the Field, the Horn Bet, Any Craps, Big 6 and 8, and Hard Ways.

How to Play Craps as a Beginner

Before you learn to play craps, it is probably worth trying in the free play mode (where available) until you have grasped the basics, which shouldn’t take too long.

History of Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games available today, which has roots dating back as far as the 18th century, and according to the history books the game was first developed in France.

A Brief History of Roulette

History tells us that the actual roulette wheel is believed to have been formed by the combination of a pre-existing French board game called Roulette, an English wheeled game known as Roly Poly, and two other popular games at the time called Ace of Hearts and Reiner. There have been very few alterations throughout the history of roulette. This popular game has remained unchanged for many decades.

The current form of the game available in most casinos around the world is the same version that has been played since 1796. There was a French novel written in the same period in time, which described the game and the layout of the table and the wheel.

The roulette wheels originally had single and double zeros that were red and black respectively. Green was then chosen to be the color for the zeros at the beginning of the 19th century as a better way of differentiating them from the other numbers.

Roulettes Popularity

It was several years later (in the mid-1800s) that a roulette wheel was introduced into casinos that had only one zero as opposed to the standard wheels with both single and double zeros. The two different roulette games have remained mostly unchanged since their inception and since the game was first played, it rapidly spread across Europe and then throughout the rest of the world, instantly becoming popular wherever it was introduced.

It is very rare to enter a casino these days and not find roulette as a permanent fixture. Players can choose from single zero roulette or double zero roulette. Players are more likely to find the double zero wheels in places like the Caribbean, the US, and South America. Single-wheel roulette games are more likely to be found elsewhere.

What’s in Store for Roulette?

In more recent years (towards the end of the 1990s), the game was developed for playing over the internet. Today, online roulette can be found at almost every online casino. There are even some websites that are dedicated entirely to roulette and the various roulette strategies (some more reliable than others). Hundreds of players, fans, and casino operators all try to cash in from the game.

Roulette has managed to connect with a younger generation of internet gamblers who can now play this exciting casino game from the comfort of their home and the game can even be accessed now by using a mobile device.

The history of roulette has so far been a colorful one and both European Roulette and American Roulette look set to enjoy equal success in the future, as their introduction to the virtual world has only increased the game’s popularity.